I’ve always been fascinated with the great outdoors, and specifically; survival and bushcraft skills.

I was fortunate to have a wonderful upbringing in the North West of England and most weekends were spent in The Lake District where I camped, hiked, mountain-climbed and tried to push myself as much as I could.

I was also lucky to go to a great secondary school with an amazing teacher who took classes out on the weekends to do some pretty cool and amazing things; rock-climbing, abseiling, gill-scrambling, orienteering, camping, mountain-biking – you name it, at one point we probably did it.

My sense of adventure continued through my later years and at any and every opportunity I’ve gone bush.  There really isn’t anything better for the mind, body and soul than to get out into the middle of nowhere and become part of nature again.

I’m no expert, but I have learned a great amount over the years, and the wonderful thing about bushcraft is that you are always constantly learning.  This blog is about giving something back to anyone who reads it, and hopefully inspiring others to go bush too.