7 Family Camping & Adventure Blogs to Follow

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Going camping or on a road trip with your family can be a life changing experience.

It is a great chance for the whole family to bond and share priceless and valuable memories. For this article, I looked at some family hiking and camping blogs from around the world, and have listed out seven family camping and adventure blogs on the internet.

These blogs offer visitors beautiful photos of our unique planet, as well as hints, tips, and advice on travelling as a family.

They also give us a chance to see children being raised in an outdoor environment, and to be a parent on an adventure. In most photos, there are smiles all round, which to me says everything.


1. Adventure Parents

Adventure Parents LogoThis blog was created by Mark and Brooke Stephens, an adventurous couple from America who got married in 2003.

Their blog is full of exciting photos that tell a lot of stories, detailing their personal experiences in travelling as a family, and the best gear to use.

They explain the pros and cons of different camp tents, equipment and clothes, and write real stories about families that join them in their camping quests.  They also write a lot of delicious camping food recipes that are good to have on the go.


2. Cragmama

Cragmama Logo

Erica Lineberry, the founder of Cragmama, explains that the word crag is another term for a climbing area. But she says that her blog is about a lot more than just a mother who likes climbing.She believes that her blog can help all nature lovers realise that starting a family doesn’t necessarily mean the end of their outdoors adventures.

She is very honest about the struggles she did and still faces as a parent who wants to raise nature loving children who are born with a love for exploration. She also shares a lot of ideas and tips and doesn’t mind people sending their reviews and opinions.

During her pregnancy in 2010, Erica realised that many people choose to give up the things they love and value and get caught up in an endless circle of chores.  Going on adventures now, although harder, are a lot more meaningful with wonderful family experiences.




3. The Kid Project

The Kid Project Logo

This blog is founded by Chris and Alyssa, a couple with three children. They share their love for skiing, running, fitness and adventures.

The blog shows how they get to enjoy hiking, skiing, trekking and outdoors exploring with their family, and also talk about the struggles and the problems they face and the best ways to overcome them.

They offer trip reports on their blog, in addition to gear reviews and suggestions on the clothes to pack, the food and the gear needed for different outdoors activities and trips.

They wish to become an inspiration to all parents who believe in the perks of raising nature loving kids.



4. Outdoors Geeks

Outdoors Geek Logo

Every time you visit this blog, you will stumble upon another interesting article, an informative review or a chance to try out gear.

The site is run by a mother and her daughter who share their love for the outdoors experience and run their online store.

They allow their customers to rent the gear for a trial before they buy them and share their adventures in backpacking, hiking, fly fishing, canoeing and car camping.

Selling high quality tested outdoor products for the best experiences ever, this is a great site to use as a resource.


5. Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping

Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping Logo

The Rogala family launched this video blog to provide details about their family operated campground.

They offer tours of their campground providing details about the services they provide and their amenities. The site also covers information about local attractions near the campground in addition to upcoming events.

You can go on a video tour to see all their cabins, and you can also browse some photos taken by other campers.


6. 1 Year Off

1 Year Off Logo

Lyndon and Bec from 1 Year Off had to make a decision; to either spend a year in the south of France or travel around Australia. They chose Australia and had an absolute adventure along the way.

The website is simplistic in its design, but the rich and detailed information in all their posts provides an insight into what it takes (and costs) to spend a year on the road travelling.

There are some great bits of advice, funny stories, and a wonderful sense of camaraderie between all the travellers that they met on their Australian adventure.


7. YTravel

YTravel Logo

Catching the travel bug over 16 years ago, Caz and Craig met and then spent a good chunk of their lives travelling and seeing what the world has to offer, living in 5 countries and travelling through 52.

This site is a great resource to fuel your desires to travel, as well as providing information and advice on how to do it.

There’s lots of really good tips, all in clear and relevant sections, depending on where you are in your planning or adventure.



Bonus Link – Expedition Australia

Expedition Australia Logo

Reviewing these top seven family camping blogs is a great way to see how parents get to enjoy the best of two worlds.

Following such blogs can give you a lot of great ideas for your upcoming family holiday, and you might even like to get in touch with the people behind the site. They offer information that will help you give your family long life memories.

If you are thinking of or currently planning a trip around Australia, a great site that I found is Expedition Australia: http://www.expeditionaustralia.com.au/


Good luck and safe travels!


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