Product Review: The Kelly Kettle

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This is a product review of the Kelly Kettle.

I have been using the kettle for some months now, and this is my review and advice on best practice set up.

The Kelly Kettle has been used on the West Coast of Ireland for over 100 years by the local fishermen and has become a must-have item for camping, fishing, hiking and general outdoors activities.

The Kelly Kettle will provide you with boiling water for drinking and heat for cooking in minutes, thanks to the unique ëvolcanoí chimney effect.

Made from Aluminium or Stainless Steel, the kettle is a double-walled chimney with the water contained within the chimney wall.  Fill the kettle with water, light a small fire in the base, set the kettle on the base and drop additional fuel (twigs, leaves, grass, paper, etc.) down the chimney.

Due to the large internal surface area of the chimney, the water boils in minutes.


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The Kelly Kettle

The Kelly Kettle





      Design / Build Quality


        Value for Money





            • Strong and tough
            • Super efficient
            • Can cook water and food at the same time
            • Doesn't require you to carry fuel
            • Minimal fuel required to generate lots of heat
            • Very simple but clever design


            • Doesn't store much water
            • Is larger than other stove kits

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            1. Vivienne Sellar
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              Thanks Tony for the review on the Kelly Kettle Trekker… much appreciated. If customers require a kettle that needs to hold more water, they can buy the bigger versions of The Scout 1.2L or the Base 1.6L. Tony has done a great job of showcasing the Trekker and its speed and efficiency. Please visit our website for other products and accessories, any questions feel free to email us at Thanks Vivienne & David The Kelly Kettle Team (Australia & NZ Distributors)

              • tonyburke
                | Reply

                Hi Vivienne,

                thanks for the kind words – I really enjoy(ed) using the kettle and I can’t stress highly the efficiency of the system, it is a great design! Totally agree with you, if users want more water then they can get the bigger kettles. I had to call it out in the review as there are other designs on the market that do hold more water, so something people do need to be mindful of.

                Thanks again,

            2. Jasper Kessel
              | Reply

              Is this not a bit impractical? It is big, and has a hole through it

              • tonyburke
                | Reply

                Hi Jasper, I didn’t find it impractical no. At first, I was surprised by the size, as mentioned in the video. It is bigger than my existing kit, but it is so efficient and simple to use. Plus the hole through the middle means you can in theory store items in it, such as your food. Just make sure you put them in a plastic bag as there will be a layer of soot throughout the wall of the chimney.



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